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Canva Templates

Each of these templates is in View Only, when you access it on Canva duplicate and rename with your City and feel free to edit as needed.

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Post Title

The first graphic of a Feed Post carousel, replace title and change colors as needed

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IG Stories

Backgrounds to use in

IG Stories with text or

picture overlay

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Monthly Guides

Editable for sharing monthly events, seasonal lists and meetup/event information

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Seasonal Guide

Use this template for seasonal guides, feel free to edit out whatever you don't need.

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Use this template to create your cover images; follow the instructions on page 2.

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IG Stories Recruitment

Made-for-you story slides to share to help spread the word about Mom What's Next

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Drag and drop logos or relevant photos for giveaways on your page

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This template contains all

City logos for use in creative. 

View only, please don't edit.

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IG Feed

These can be used to create graphics for posting in feed

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Reels Cover

To maintain brand identity, use these cover images when posting reels.

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Collab Page

Done-for-you content to share reminding your community that we are collaborative

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MDG 2024

The most updated version of the Mother's Day Giveaway templates for 2024.

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